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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This needs to be shredded!

Good Morning!
What a great week this has been! The car pool lane has been a little different for Jordan's school this - based on the upcoming fair. So for this week, John has offered to take her to school every morning... since his Jeep is able to maneuver better in smaller spaces. Jordan has TOTALLY loved this and I've been able to get a few more things done in the morning - like exercise and this devotional! I also have a little project that I would like to (at the very least) get started this week... and that's cleaning out a portion of our garage. I love cleaning (I know, I'm a freak!). There are some boxes that need to find a better, more permanent home within the garage, and there are some boxes that need to be cleaned out and their contents find a place within the house... but there are a few boxes that I know need my attention and I'm dreading opening them. Why? Well... we've been saving them for their contents are headed right for the shredder!!! Do you have boxes like this in your house? Or maybe you're way ahead of me and you just have few small piles that are heading to Shredder-ville? Either way - their final destination is to a place of destruction. As of right now, they are taking up valuable real estate in our garage. In fact, at one time John & I even two-stepped in our garage - before these boxes arrived! I want my dance floor back! Therefore... pack your bags boxes... your destination is sealed!

Did you know that the Bible talks about things devoted for destruction? (Do you think God had my shredder pile in mind when he penned those words?) I read about it this week in my prayer time. And as I read it, I might have thought about my garage for a moment - but then I quickly went to my heart and thought about cleaning it as well. Read this verse below and you'll see what I mean.

Joshua 7:12 (ESV)
Therefore the people of Israel cannot stand before their enemies.
They turn their backs before their enemies,
because they have become devoted for destruction.

Okay - you might need a little context. Joshua is leading the children of Israel into their Promised Land - their land flowing with milk & honey. However, as they would fight different nations to take possession of the land, the Lord told them to keep nothing! For the possessions of their enemies were devoted for destruction. And as long as they were obeying the Lord - they had success! However, in Joshua 7:1 we see Achan keep some of the devoted things for himself. He actually hid them under his house (hmmm...kind of like my garage)! At the next battle with Ai, they lost! Joshua was devastated! He cried out to the Lord and God revealed to him that they would not experience victory. He told Joshua that because a member of their tribe had stolen things devoted for destruction now they too were heading for destruction. Take another look at the verse above. Because they had stolen these items they could not stand against their enemies. They had to turn and run from the people of Ai because they had become a people devoted for destruction!

What a scary thought! Now, in no way am I saying that because I have a box that is heading for - devoted for - destruction that I cannot stand against my enemies and be strong! That's just silly! But what about my heart? Have I picked up some things up along the way that really belong to the enemy? Like bad habits, wrong attitudes, or selfish endeavors that should be devoted for destruction?

This morning I prayed that the Lord would purify my heart and help me clean out the garage of my heart so that I'm not contaminated with any thing that should be shredded. The main reason I need to send those devoted things to the shredder is because once I do - I can stand up against the enemy! I can confidently fight the battles that the Lord wants me to win! Now that's some motivation for cleaning! And secondly..., once I clean those things out - send them to the Spiritual Shredder if you will... - I'll have a lot more room to two-step through life with my Heavenly Father, my husband, my kids and anyone else He's brings into my life!

Do you have a dance floor at the bottom of your heart that's just waiting to be cleaned? Don't be afraid to dive in and start assigning these things to be removed and possibly even shredded! Once you do - I promise you'll be ready to stand up against your enemies and be victorious in all that God's already promised you!

I love you all dearly.
Your sis in the faith,

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Rev. John Franklin said...

Freaking outstanding words, Pen! You inspire me!

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