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Monday, April 19, 2010

The good stuff's in the middle!

Saturday mornings are a special time at the Franklin house. We sleep as late as the kids will allow and then I make coffee while John takes a quick trip to the "do-nut store" (as JP puts it). It's always a surprise as to what he will bring home. But everyone's all-time favorite is the HUGE cinnamon roll. This past Saturday morning, JP brings us his plate to inform us that he was "done" and ready to go outside & play. I took one look at his cinnamon roll and found this!

Only the center had been eaten. John said, "Well, at least he's learning where the best part is!" No need to waste time eating towards the center - just go right straight to it!

JP has learned that the good stuff is in the middle and why take up valuable tummy space eating the outside when you can fill up on the yummy center! Now that's a concept!

It makes sense to put the yummy stuff at the very core - in the center - protected on all sides. As I looked at JP's cinnamon roll - I thought about my precious family. John & I do our best to protect them. We protect our kids from danger, from seeing things that are inappropriate for them, we protect our time together. The special part of my life (short of my relationship with God) is my family! I guess you could say that the good stuff is in the middle regarding my family!

But so often I waste valuable time (tummy space if you will) on the outer parts - emails, phone calls, laundry, cleaning, working at the church, and various other things that distract me from the "good stuff".

Today - I want to encourage you to head straight for the middle - go directly to the best part of your life and let them know just how wonderful they are. Fill up on the good stuff in your life first!

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Rev. John Franklin said...

Very cool analogy, Babe! Thanks for bringing the simple into focus as the simply impactful!

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Penny, thanks for coming my way today. I'm so glad you found me at Off the Beaten Path and I'm so glad I found you too! I love this post about spending more time and energy on what really matters - the stuff at the center of our lives instead of the periphery. I am so prone to waste time on the silly and mundane :( Today I will dwell in the center!

You have a precious family too! Looking forward to reading more and keeping up with you!

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