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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Holy Ground?

So this morning I walked into our kitchen and found this! My husband's boots, our son's shoes and baseball glove, and our daughter's backpack. Now to give you some context - these are the steps that lead down into our kitchen from the dining room. Why is it that these steps (which everyone uses, I might add) are the place where everyone chooses to deposit their belongings!

When I looked at it I thought, "What is this?! Did they think the kitchen was Holy Ground and they needed to take their shoes off then and there?!" But as I thought about it more & talked about it with my husband - I realized that they weren't too far off the mark. Because what makes a place holy - where God is and where He is working. So to review what happens in this room... yes, cooking and family meals, but also this is where I help our daughter with her homework, it's where I keep my laptop and write devotionals and Sunday lessons for church, it's where I teach our 3 year old about every day life, and finally it's where John & I have most of our heart-to-heart conversations. So yes, I would say that in this humble little kitchen tucked away in a quaint part of New Orleans - is indeed.... holy ground!

So I guess I should just smile (instead of getting frustrated) at the shoes on the steps - knowing that my family loves entering into such a wonderful place.

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Rev. John Franklin said...

I love it! and I love YOU!

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