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Thursday, May 16, 2013

So... what's going to happen?!

Well, now that perhaps the shock has subsided that I'm getting married - I can answer a few of your questions....

If you don't see the answer to one that you have - feel free to call, text or email.  I know that many of you may be wondering why you didn't get a personal call about all of this - and had to find out online. 

I can understand your thought and feelings.  I would probably feel the same if I were in your shoes.  I only ask that you put yourself in mine... if but just for a moment.  

Nothing about my life has been conventional since December 30, 2010.  Nothing!  I have moved, started a new career, found new friends, slept in a different bed, driven new roads, gone back to school and the list goes on.  

Why would my life start looking conventional now?  I truly believe that God has called me to live an untraditional life.  One that requires that I constantly be ready to say, "Yes, Lord!  and "Let's go!" all at the same time.

So... without delaying your answers - let's get going on your questions.

Why so fast?!
This has not been the most asked out loud and to my face - but I know it's in all of your minds - mainly because I see it all over your faces or in your voice.  Please keep in mind that Alan and I have been talking through email, text, phone calls, and FaceTime since September.  So while it may seem all of a sudden on the surface - there is so much you've never seen.  

In this time we have asked SUPER hard questions of one another.  Sure - we asked the fun and simple ones too.  We've talked about politics, religion, Jesus, church, children, until we were falling asleep...  

And the more we talked the more we found ourselves missing each other during the day - couldn't wait until we could talk again.  So finally we both knew we had to meet in person.  We had a feeling it would only get better - but we just didn't know.  So in March he flew to Texas.  We knew the minute we saw each other - face to face - in the same time zone - that what started in September was the real deal.

He's been married before - I've been married twice before.... we don't need or desire a big fancy wedding ceremony.  We just want to begin our lives together.  We know that this is God's way of answer our heart cries - this is God's provision of blessing - and we're ready to get that started.

So... we're getting married in Washington on May 25.

Are you taking the kids?
The quick answer to this is no.  "Oh my goodness!  Why would you do such a thing!"  I can hear the outrage through cyberspace now.  Please allow me to explain.

I originally wanted to get married in Texas.  I thought probably everyone who knew me would need to see this beautiful event as a way to complete their own personal healing - from John's death.  But to be honest, the more I talked with friends and family - the more I realized they were more excited about my future with Alan - than they were about a small ceremony.

At the time of Alan's proposal - I already had plane tickets for May 25th and June 1st weekends.  Graduation festivities for his son.  The more we talked, the more we just wanted to be together.... So here's a crazy - UNTRADITIONAL thought.... why not get married when I come to Washington next - on May 25th??  I know I have to return to Texas to do 2 more weeks of school, but should that really delay anything though?

We both felt a real peace about this decision.  Then there's the big question... do you fly the kids up for this ceremony?  I could.  But let's be reasonable here... I could spend the $1000 to fly them up.  We're getting married at noon on Saturday.  So - spend all that money for them to then spend the rest of the weekend with their new grandparents.  

Now - let me just say - they are already super loved and they LOVE Alan's parents.  It would be a joy for both sides to hang out.... But our thoughts were to have another Texas ceremony that would be more family/kid focused in June.  So this is what we've settled on and we're ALL (Alan, me, Jordan and JP) very thrilled with this plan.

Where are you going to live?
Like ripping off a bandaid - let's do this quick - WASHINGTON.  I know, I know.  Seriously??!  I've heard these words more times that I can count.  Why?  Really?  You just got here!  I know.  

I know because these were all questions that I asked myself.  So - I know I must allow you to take the same journey - in your own way, and in your own time.  If you're ready to read on - please do so.  If you need to take a breather - no worries.  I understand.

Why? To brag on my future husband for just a bit.... (actually I'll be doing a lot more of this!)
It hasn't always been a given that we would move there.  The last time he came to Texas he worked diligently researching his business and other business opportunities here in this area.  However, he has experienced much success with his business where it is and it makes much more financial sense to continue there.  

We separately made lists (pros and cons) for each location.  And wouldn't you know it - his pro list was longer for moving to Texas and my pro list was longer for moving to Washington.  

Love.  That's love in case you missed it!

So, yes.  We're moving to the beautiful state of Washington - and soon!  I've already been asking questions about schools, t-ball leagues, and dance companies.  I'm doing my homework folks!  

This next part probably still falls under "why?"  - but it's more than just why Washington - but rather why Alan too.

I wish you could see my journal (not really, but humor me).  It's filled with the cries of my heart.  Prayers about being lonely.  Prayers about security.  Prayers about the future.  Tears over things like spiritual leadership in my life.  Godly manly examples for both my son and my daughter.  Feelings of being overwhelmed by the everyday.  

I know on the outside - on the surface - it looks like I'm keeping it all together and that I don't need anyone or any help.  Let me just say - what you've been seeing is God at work... big time!

I'll never forget standing in Alan's dining room.  I had somehow found myself there alone - looking out the window at the beautiful scenery.  I'm telling you the Holy Spirit and I had a moment - a very special moment.  We reviewed my journal prayers and the Holy Spirit showed me that through Alan, He (the Lord) was checking off my requests, concerns and desires.  Then He asked me a very profound - yet simple question...

Was I willing to deny all that God had planned for me over a place.  Was I really going to pick a place over a person - God's person for me?

NO WAY!!!  It was then, that I got 100% on board with God and was confident that He would work out all the details.  Alan & I knew that if God could divide the sea, drop manna from Heaven, He could work out our distance issue too!  Since this moment, I have had complete peace about our move to Washington.  I know that God has big plans for us there and we all - all 4 of us are ready to be His servants!

When?  Well - that's another bandaid moment - June 16th.
I must teach until June 7th.  Then I have committed to VBS at my church and I wouldn't miss it for anything.  That takes us to June 14th.  

So we've decided to have a Texas ceremony/reception on Saturday June 15th (details to follow) - and then head out June 16th.  Could anything be more perfect.... On Mother's Day I get engaged and on Father's Day the kids get a new "dad" in their life!  You should see JP - everywhere Alan goes - JP is just a step behind him.  He want to sit beside him at meals and copy everything he does.  It's just precious!  Jordan sneaks out of bed to come say hello on FaceTime.  Oh!  Sorry - this had nothing to do with moving....

Please remember that I'm still in the middle of all of my Master's classes - and we need to get back to Washington so I can do my assignments - not in the car on my iPad!

What will you do there?
The quick answer to this is substitute at first.  I will need to retake every certification test.  Since I'm heading to being a school counselor, I may sub until I get my Masters - which will be next summer.  Then search for a school counselor position.  I even feel that God may be leading me to get my LPC license... those are details still in progress.  However, after getting settled in - I might take the certification tests and jump right into WA teaching.  I cherish your prayers where these details are concerned.

I do know that after working the past 2.5 years, I enjoy working outside the home.  I totally enjoy the social aspect of it all and seeing that I only know a small handful of people - this will be a great way to make friends.

How do the kids feel about moving?
Great question!  Please remember that they have moved their entire little lives.  I wanted for them security.  I wanted roots for them.  I wanted to stay put for more than a couple of years. 

However... they have never experienced this and wouldn't even begin to know what roots feel like.  We spent 4 years in Houston, not even 2 years in New Orleans, 2.5 years now in Lufkin and they are ready for whatever is next!

On Saturday night - our last night in Washington, as I tucked the kids into bed, I asked them if they were ready to go home.  They both looked at one another and then agreed - they did not want to go home.  They both said, "'we're ready to be in that home" - and pointed out the window towards Alan's house.  Just this morning Jordan asked me how long we would live in Washington.  I told her I didn't know - but I did know that God was telling us to move.  I asked her if she was truly okay with this change.

She and JP again, looked at each other and said, "We hope we can live there forever!"  They are used to change - they are used to meeting new people.  What a blessing for this life that God has called us all to!

I think this may be enough for now... if you have more questions - please let me know!  I'm happy to respond.

I may not call you directly because I'm still:

working on my Masters,
doing the laundry
making all the meals,
teaching 6 chemistry classes
taking out the trash, 
breaking up sibling fights,
yelling at T-Ball games
dropping off and picking up from dance class
talking to Alan at night
cleaning house
Women's ministry at DABC
Vacation Bible School.
and..... so much more.

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