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Monday, January 21, 2013

"What do I have in here?"

Today is a Teacher In-Service Day at school.  My kids get to enjoy a lazy Monday, while I learn how I can better equip my students with updated learning tools.

I'm actually looking forward to today.  It's all about technology - stuff I absolutely love!

However, on most days as my students enter my classroom a common question they ask me is this, "What do I have in here?"

By this they mean, what is their current average.  Sometimes they need to know so they can participate in extracurricular activities, sometimes they need to know for their parents-sake, most times they are just curious.

There is no way I can remember over 100 students' averages, so I have a place at the back of the room where I periodically post their grades.  Funny, even though they are posted, they still find comfort in asking me this question.

The grades that I post reflect simple daily grades, projects and of course major tests.  The daily grades are not worth as much as the tests.  Sometimes I think they try to figure out how many good daily grades they need to make up for bad tests.  LOL!

I absolutely LOVE my One Year Bible.  I've read it over and over ever since 1999.  God shows me something new from familiar stories every year.  Recently I read about Abraham and Isaac - and their journey to Mount Moriah.

Genesis chapter 22 starts out like this, "After these things, God tested Abraham and said to him, "Abraham!"  And he said, "Here am I."

Then the Lord commanded Abraham to sacrifice his son!  We all know the end of this beautiful story.  Abraham passed his test with flying colors.

I know the Lord has had me in a season of testing.  He took the love of my life and everyday I struggle.  Every day I miss him terribly.

As soon as I read this verse about God testing Abraham.  I thought about the testing the Lord is requiring of me.  And, I guess it was just because I hear this so often, I asked the Lord,

"What do I have in here?"  Am I passing?  Am I passing enough to enjoy a few extracurricular things in life?

I know I've failed some daily grades.  I know of my shortcomings - getting upset with the kids over small things, feeling lonely and forgotten.  But hopefully I'm performing well on the major stuff.

After each major test I remind my students that I arrive early every morning and stay late every afternoon for tutoring.  I practically beg them to come and see me.  I know that if they will give me 30 minutes I could help them raise their grade.

You know what?   My God does the same for me.  He begs me to meet with him every morning.  I know that by spending time with Him I can raise my grade with Him too.

So, how about you?  Have you asked the Lord if you're passing the tests He's given you.  Just ask.  He'll tell you.  And if the answer is not what you want - He's always available for extra tutoring!

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